Two Factor Authentication RSA

Two Factor Authentication RSA, Contact us for implementing RSA solution for your web application, VPN servers or any other application.

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Two Factor Authentication RSA

Password authentication is one factor authentication. One factor authentication is less secure compared to two factor authentication.

One method of implementing two factor authentications is RSA Secure ID authentication. Implementing two factor authentications means authentication using something you know and something you have.

RSA provides an authentication manager which act as the authentication server where the user IDs and token information is stored. Traditionally when a user needs to be authenticated to grant access to an application or a network, user credentials (user name & password) are checked against locally stored information and allowed or denied access.

User name & password combinations can be easily compromised.

When two factor authentications are used the authentication request is sent to the VPN server or the web server where the user has to get authenticated in the same manner as single factor authentication. However in two factor authentications request is passed to an authentication server rather than local authentication. In the case of RSA (password) and the random RSA code that will be generated on the RSA token is passed to the authentication manager to grant permission or reject the access to the desired entity.

RSA code is dynamic . Therefore it is not possible for someone to remember or guess the code. If the token is lost, still it will not be possible to have access to secured resource since the access is also protected by a password (pin) as well.

RSA is a well-accepted leading solution for two factor authentication used by many corporations. Contact us for implementing RSA solution for you web application, VPN servers or any other application. We have highly experienced engineers who can implement the RSA solution to suite your needs.

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