Avoid email spoofing through Misconfigured email servers

Misconfigured email servers indeed can leave the door open for email spoofing from top domains. Email spoofing is a technique used in phishing and spam campaigns where the sender manipulates the email header’s “From” address to appear as if the email is originating from a trusted source or reputable domain. Email spoofing has been a […]

Popular Endpoint Protection Platforms and solutions

Endpoint protection, also known as endpoint security, is a comprehensive approach to securing all the endpoints or user devices connected to an organization’s network from potential threats. These endpoints can include laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and even Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Endpoint protection platforms (EPP) and solutions provide a suite of security capabilities […]

The importance of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The realm of Information Technology (IT) has become an integral part of virtually every organization worldwide. In a digital age where data drives decisions and inform strategic imperatives, ensuring the protection and resilience of IT infrastructure is crucial. One critical aspect of IT management that often goes underappreciated until disaster strikes is the IT disaster […]

Securing Your Business WiFi Network

The wireless network in your business environment is a critical asset that requires rigorous protection. When left unsecured, it could serve as a gateway for unauthorized individuals or cybercriminals to access and exploit your confidential information. This article offers an in-depth analysis of how you can secure your business WiFi network. Understanding the Risk Landscape […]

Securing Wi-Fi: Reducing Weak Spots and Detecting Unauthorized Devices

The proliferation of wireless networks due to their convenience, scalability, and cost-effectiveness has led to an increasing demand for robust security measures. This post aims to provide a comprehensive look at Wi-Fi security, focusing on minimizing vulnerabilities and identifying rogue devices. 1. Introduction to Wi-Fi Security Wi-Fi security is a critical part of overall network […]

Choosing Between On-Site and Remote IT Support: What’s Best for Your Business?

In this digital era, where businesses depend heavily on technology, Information Technology (IT) support has become indispensable. But, should you opt for on-site or remote IT support? This is a common question businesses often grapple with. As an IT support company in Mississauga, IT Support Hub, we’re equipped to guide you through this decision-making process. […]