Email Security Issues and Solutions

You may have heard of terms, such as Malware, or ransomware like people discuss cybersecurity. These are nothing more than different types of programs, cyber attackers used to infect computers and devices. A common term used to describe all these different programs is the word malware. Simply put, malware is software that is used to […]

Two Factor Authentication RSA

Password authentication is one factor authentication. One factor authentication is less secure compared to two factor authentication. One method of implementing two factor authentications is RSA Secure ID authentication. Implementing two factor authentications means authentication using something you know and something you have. RSA provides an authentication manager which act as the authentication server where […]

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services refer to the practice of outsourcing the company’s IT computer support network and management. It is done with the purpose of improving business operations. Companies which excel in providing these kinds of managed services are known as Managed Services Providers (MSP). These companies are comprised of specialists who carry their client’s technological […]

Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Support

Cisco presents Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Switches which are Enterprise-grade sized for small deployments. These Switches offer Simplicity, Flexibility and foolproof security for your network environment. The Cisco switches are Optimized for the growing business who needs to Accelerate digitization. Simplicity: Reliable, easy-to-manage technology that lets you focus on your business. Flexibility: Compact, fanless design […]