The customer, a leading advertising agency based in Toronto, was grappling with the challenges of transitioning to a remote work model due to the pandemic. The agency, boasting a diverse workforce of 200 employees spread across different locations, was in desperate need of a robust IT infrastructure that would facilitate remote work without compromising security or efficiency. That’s where we, IT Support Toronto, stepped in.

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Concord, Ontario


The customer faced a plethora of issues:

  1. Secure access to files and systems: Remote workers struggled to securely access vital files and systems from their homes, causing significant delays in delivery and operational hiccups.
  2. Inefficient communication tools: The existing communication software lacked the features necessary for effective remote collaboration.
  3. Inadequate network security: There were rising concerns over the security of sensitive client data when accessed outside the office environment.
  4. VPN-related issues: Their VPN was not robust enough to handle the increased load, leading to a slow and frustrating user experience.


As a seasoned IT support company in Toronto, we crafted a holistic solution addressing each of these challenges.

  1. Secure Access and Data Security: We implemented a secure cloud-based system, facilitating remote access to vital files. With multi-factor authentication and encryption, we ensured secure access to sensitive data, providing both peace of mind and seamless workflow.
  2. Efficient Communication Tools: We introduced advanced meeting software which provided features like screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and more. This allowed team members to collaborate efficiently, simulating an in-person work environment.
  3. Network Security: We fortified their network security by implementing advanced firewall settings and deploying AI-based threat detection software, minimizing the risk of data breaches and potential cyber-attacks.
  4. VPN Optimization: We upgraded their VPN to a more robust and reliable system, capable of handling increased traffic while ensuring secure and speedy connectivity. To further enhance the user experience, we optimized the VPN tunnel to reduce latency and prevent connection drops.


As a result of our targeted intervention, the advertising agency successfully transitioned to a fully remote work model without compromising their operational efficiency or data security.

  1. Boosted Productivity: With seamless access to files and efficient meeting software, there was a noticeable improvement in team productivity and collaboration.
  2. Enhanced Security: The enhanced network security measures significantly reduced the risk of potential cyber threats, protecting the company’s sensitive data.
  3. Efficient VPN Access: The VPN enhancements eliminated previous issues of slow speed and connectivity drops, providing a smooth user experience.
  4. Reduced Operational Costs: By leveraging a cloud-based system and reducing the need for physical IT infrastructure, the company experienced a substantial reduction in operational costs.

IT Support Hub Toronto, through its effective IT support and strategic solutions, helped the client maintain business continuity while transitioning to a remote work model. This case exemplifies our ability to swiftly adapt to new challenges and innovate to deliver efficient, secure, and reliable IT solutions to our clients.